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Starless Frontier

They say there is a place where no stars shine, where ships venture but do not return.

Even the most valiant captains refuse to say its name, fearing the curse be brought down upon themselves. To speak of such things is to be shunned.

But now, to avenge the destruction of his homeworld and bring peace to a warring humanity, one man must take his ship into the Starless Frontier.

Check out Starless Frontier-a completely free 3d starship combat game centered around Captain Francis Hawkins and his loyal crew as they battle against both powerful interstellar foes and conspiracy within to save humanity. Starless Frontier utilizes a unique combination of both strategy and flight time, allowing the player to personally command large cruisers while giving orders to squadrons of fighters in real-time. Gameplay and storyline are seamlessly united through extensively choreographed spaceflight and plenty of in-game dialogue. If you are a player who is looking for gameplay alongside a well-integrated story, take a look at Starless Frontier!

Note: I stopped developing this game around 2009 :(. I'm leaving the site up for nostalgia's sake.


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